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Print Media

Select from a wide array of lead generating direct mail marketing. From proven campaigns to custom creative. We handle all your printing in-house.

Automatically send customized mail to customers.

Find new in-market customers and convert them.

Retain loyal customers and keep them coming back to your brand.

Highly Targeted   |    Measurable   |   Personalized

We do everything email, whether its nurture campaigns, data integration, or ID resolution, we do it all.

Paid Media

Spend less and maintain a higher conversion rate by serving your ads to those with a higher propensity to convert. Ross Media focuses on quality over quantity. Get better quality traffic with meaningful leads.

Backed by a team of 17 data scientists, we target audiences through a variety of paid media options.

Facebook, Instagram

Google, Bing

Retargeting, Conquest, Programmatic

Expand your reach with 255+ partners

Facebook Ads Performance

Outperform your competitors with Ross' proven results across our paid media channels.

3X Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)

Ross Average: 2.62%

Industry Average: 0.8%

5x Cheaper Cost Per Click (CPC)

Ross Average: $0.46

Industry Average: $2.24

Diversify channels and grow your business with digital ads that are placed within subscribers’ emails from national publications. Reach and convert new customers while promoting your brand at scale.

We work with hundreds of publishing partners and are adding more everyday.

We do everything email, whether its nurture campaigns, data integration, or ID resolution, we do it all.

With Conquest Email, we reach 200 million monthly users compared to Facebook at 180 million.

Organic Marketing

By implementing SEO best practices, we’ll help you see a year over year increase in organic web traffic. Ross will optimize your website every month to ensure we provide users with quality content and a trustworthy website.

  • Data-Driven SEO
  • Organic Optimizations
  • Off Page Authority
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Voice Search




Contact Center

We’re more than just a call center. Ross offers robust communication in every form. Combine our contact center with any existing campaign or as a stand-alone service.

  • Inbound Call
  • Outbound Call

What Sets Us Apart

Our in-house Atlanta based bilingual call center takes care of all your customer's needs.

Hosted Events

Ross creates data-driven, multi-channel marketing solutions combined with in-business training to help your team schedule more appointments.




Rapid Retargeting

Website visitors are no longer anonymous with Rapid Retargeting. Once an active buyer visits your website, we can target them through multichannel marketing including direct mail, email, social media ads, over-the-top (OTT) video ads and more.

How It Works

  1. Buyer visits your website
  2. We capture their IP address
  3. Ross runs the IP address through a “reverse IP append” algorithm
  4. The data found is utilized to target the buyer through multichannel marketing
  5. We analyze and provide you with the results


With over 200 data integrations, our Wingman Reports allow you to see a full view of your campaign with real-time reporting across all channels.

  • Total Database Records
  • Prime Prospects
  • Aging Customers
  • Prospects by Geographic Area
  • Same Brand Prospects
  • Total Gross Sales
  • Total Leads
  • Reporting API available


Our data science team gathers insights from your customers to build robust look-a-like and response models that optimize your marketing spend by identifying top responders in your market. We measure campaign performance and update our models to iteratively improve performance over time.

In-depth view of who your customers are

Get hyper-local optimizations with smart radius models

360 view from web browsing to purchase made

Algorithms set budgets across locations based on your greatest opportunities