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Ross Media Installs Acxiom's InfoBase Consumer Database

Ross Media Installs Acxiom's InfoBase Consumer Database

Hillside, Illinois: As a leader in direct marketing for over 60 years, Ross Media understands the value of stable, secure data solutions that deliver consistent and predictable results. Our partnership with V12 Data, a leading marketing technology firm and data provider, has enabled us to grow our direct mail, email, and digital channel revenues and capabilities.

V12’s Data Cloud has been a key component in Ross Media's data-driven campaigns, allowing us to communicate with nationwide prospects and customers through email, mobile, social media, direct, and digital display ads. Our success depends on accurate and clean data like V12’s, which we combine with our marketing expertise to target consumers with the right message at the proper frequency.

As part of Ross Media's continuous efforts to improve our process and the subsequent results for clients, we are excited to announce the installation of Acxiom’s InfoBase Consumer Database to Ross Media's growing set of data science tools. Like V12,Acxiom provides a comprehensive, global suite of consumer insights and data, strengthening Ross Media's database with connections to 250 million addressable consumers in the United States.

InfoBase is the largest collection of consumer information available in one source and represents nearly 100% of marketable U.S. consumers and households. It provides unprecedented levels of detail and accuracy, but more importantly, expands the coverage of Ross Media's database by 30%. When combined with V12, our goal is to compile the most comprehensive list of prospects to which we can mail and market to.

This data is the cornerstone of our analytics approach and the foundation of any of our data services. It allows us to build out high performance predictive models, which we use to create distinct customer and patient profiles for our clients. Together, V12 and Acxiom expand our universe, facilitating more accurate targeting of both existing client customers and potential prospects.

Adding an additional source of clean, high-quality data has four distinct benefits for Ross Media and its customers:

  • Thorough cleansing and appending of client customer lists
  • Comprehensive database and list enhancement
  • Richer modeling and targeting for customers and prospects
  • Advanced analysis, segmentation, and reporting

26 / 05 / 2021