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The Importance of Brand Evolution

The Importance of Brand Evolution

Over the years as your brand grows something you may want to consider is refreshing your image. Brands need to adjust to stay relevant with the times. Those that don’t evolve end up left behind instead of growing and moving forward.

If a complete rebrand is not in the cards, that’s okay. Alternatively, look to implement brand evolution to allow your brand to progress through small changes. We’ve outlined what brand evolution is and how it can keep your image up to speed.

What is Brand Evolution?

If you aren’t ready to take on big changes that come with a rebrand, then brand evolution is the answer. 

First, let’s review what rebranding entails. A rebrand is a big change that businesses may take when they drastically want to change how they present themselves to their audience, in some cases when they want to detach from the past. Rebrands are a turning point in the company’s timeline and are often accompanied by a new logo, design, tone, marketing collateral, etc. This is a complete reset and not something that should occur on a regular basis.

When a rebrand isn’t the right fit for your business goals, brand evolution can be the solution. Brand evolution enables you to revamp and make changes in response to customer feedback, design and marketplace trends, and internal changes while staying true to the mission. In doing so you can attract new customers but also remind current ones why and how you are staying relevant. These changes all together can make a great impact and improve customer sentiment – how customers feel toward your brand.

Evolution also comes in handy because we can’t necessarily predict the future needs of customers. Instead of guessing what they may want and launching a rebrand on an assumption, brand evolution gives you an opportunity to grow and adapt alongside your customers’ needs and interests. 

How Does Brand Evolution Work? 

You don’t need to rework your entire image. Start by making slight changes to how you interact with customers and how you present yourself. Change up your design style or write new copy on your website. Redesigning is not just simply for redesign’s sake, it's strategic to get your brand in line and on course with its changing objectives.

Think about the message your brand has been conveying and how you need to shift it to stay current. This may be a good time to rethink your values based on how far your brand has come throughout the years. 

What are the Benefits of Brand Evolution?

A few of the benefits of brand evolution include the following:

  • Keep your brand relevant and in tune with changing trends.
  • Refreshed design and copy keeps customers interested and engaged.
  • Your brand stays up to date with the needs of your customers.
  • Attract new customers while informing current ones on how your brand is staying relevant.
  • Brand evolution can simultaneously encourage and build a culture around continuous improvement and growth.
  • Keep the value of your brand equity – which can easily be lost during a rebrand.

Keep Your Brand Moving Forward

Don’t get left in the dust, keep moving forward by evolving your brand. Take stock of where your brand currently sits to understand what solution works best for your goals moving forward. You may find that you don’t need a rebrand but can get by and adapt through brand evolution.

Whatever the case may be, Ross is here for any questions that may arise. We are happy to help guide you to a path of success. Contact us today!

18 / 01 / 2022 Brand, website, evolution