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Inventory Acquisition Campaigns (IAC)

Ross' contact center sets up appointments and brings trade-ins directly to you. Then, you can buy the cars you want and build your inventory. This turnkey solution cuts costs and removes the hassle of auction acquisitions.

How it Works

  • Select from our IAC filters to target the inventory available in your market.
    • Filters include: brand, model, type, selling price, appraisal date, vehicle demand, turn, and days supply.
  • We find the cars, contact the leads, complete the pre-qualification and hand you the appointment.
  • Leads will then bring their cars to a scheduled appointment where you will evaluate the car and make an offer.

Additional IAC Benefits

  • Reduce your cost of acquisition
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Monthly targeting meetings
  • Update the campaign anytime
  • Reporting dashboard access
  • Delivered campaign reporting
  • Campaign data API available
  • Minimal amount of dealership resources used

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