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How Dealerships Benefit from Ross’ Contact Center

How Dealerships Benefit from Ross’ Contact Center

A business development center (BDC), call center, or contact center manages inbound and outbound customer interactions across multiple communication channels. Every dealership should have some form of the above worked into their core strategy. Utilizing Ross’ contact center will remove the burden of creating and managing your own.

Ross’ contact center team can manage your customers from inbound and outbound calling or text messaging, providing excellent customer service and much more. With the help of our contact center, you will see a higher return on investment (ROI) when coupled with a direct marketing campaign. Save time and money by outsourcing to Ross while gaining a partner that helps you secure appointments.

Better ROI Coupled with Direct Marketing

Combining your direct marketing campaigns with Ross’ contact center capabilities helps your dealership see a better ROI. Your marketing will become more efficient as our team helps you gain new insights as we speak and nurture your customers and learn about their buying journey. 

Data gathered from contact center interactions provides valuable insights that can translate into your omnichannel strategies. We’ll help you discover what marketing content drives customers to inquire, identify customer patterns, see how many people called or scheduled an appointment and provide recommendations based on the data. 

Marketing more efficiently with Ross’ contact center insights increases sales and lowers the cost of the sale. Our team is trained specifically in customer experience and educated on your dealership. You will see better appointment rates with our team because this is what we do every day. A phone call is the best lead that you can get. And with our highly skilled bilingual team managing the call, we help your customer along the buying journey.

Save Time and Money by Outsourcing

Outsourcing your contact center or virtual business development center (VBDC) will help save your dealership time and money. Many dealerships struggle with creating an in-house BDC, hiring the right talent, and putting good processes into place. It can be very time-consuming and expensive to put together and train your own team. Ross’ contact center eliminates the burden of managing your own BDC or call center.

If you don’t take the time to train the people you hire, customers may be steered away on the phone. The last thing you want is to have a customer make contact and lose the lead because your staff does not know how to nurture and convert customers on a call. By teaming up with Ross and outsourcing the service, you will get a team that is specifically trained to create exceptional, engaged phone calls or text messages.

Maintaining your own contact center adds more work to your plate as a dealership owner. You have to juggle paying employees, manage time-off requests to find someone to fill the shift, and many times deal with high turnover.

Ross offers 24-hour coverage and the flexibility to add or decrease staff to your dedicated team as your needs fluctuate. With Ross, you don’t have to worry about staffing and making room at your store for an entire contact center team. 

Build Your Inventory with Ross’ Contact Center

In the current automotive landscape, dealerships are struggling to get units in their showrooms. We recognized this as an opportunity to bolster our contact center with our new Inventory Acquisition Campaigns (IAC). This program was specifically designed to help dealerships build their inventory.

Our contact center reaches out to qualified leads, sets up the appointments, and brings trade-ins directly to you. By using IAC, dealerships can easily set up filters of the cars they want for their inventory, and our team will carry out the rest of the hard work. We reach out to leads based on your filters, complete pre-qualification paperwork, and set up the appointments. With these steps taken care of, dealerships just need to evaluate the car and make an offer to buy it.

This turnkey solution cuts costs and removes the hassle of auction acquisitions. You can also update the campaign at any time as you fill your inventory. Our online reporting dashboard allows you to track the success of your campaign and make adjustments at any time.

Market Smarter with Ross’ Contact Center

Get leads in the door with Ross’ contact center. By leveraging our BDC, your dealership will benefit from improved customer experience, greater efficiency, and enhanced customer insights. Ross’ in-house Atlanta-based bilingual call center takes care of all your customer’s needs. 

Add Ross’ contact center with any of your existing campaigns or use it as a stand-alone service. Start converting your leads today and contact us now!

15 / 11 / 2021