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Finding the Right Customers for Your Dealership

Finding the Right Customers for Your Dealership

Finding the right customer is key especially in an unpredictable automotive market. We expect that dealerships will continue to navigate the shortage of chips and cars in 2022. 

With that in mind, dealerships need to attract the right customers based on the market. That way they continue to bring in sales. Ross uses your CRM data to target the right customers in need of auto products and services.

Learn about the tactics we use to leverage your data.

Deep Dive into Your CRM Data

The first step to building a successful marketing strategy is to take a deep dive into your CRM data. We look at all your customers' data to better understand their needs and interests. This helps to gain insights such as geographic footprint, demographics, and behaviors. 

We use these takeaways to develop a data-driven marketing strategy. The data helps us determine the proper cadence for how often and when to market to customers. Based on their needs and interests, we can also craft relevant, attention-grabbing messages and offers.

From this information, the creation of customer profiles begins. Customer profiles highlight what makes each person unique. They can also help group customers into categories. From there, they get funneled into the relevant campaign.

Target Your Best Customers

The customer profiles help to generate a custom market analysis. This allows us to score and rank everyone in your market area by their likeliness to respond. Doing this step helps target your best customers by likeliness to respond to specific offers or incentives. We'll market to the most high-yield customers for future service, repair, or trade in with appropriate messaging. 

Categorization plays a big part in mapping out different campaigns based on the recipient’s needs. These different steps to targeting your best respondents help us better nurture customers with personalized digital and direct marketing. So, we can promote the right services, product, or offer to each unique individual.

Data Models to Convert Prospects

Your CRM data not only gives us insights into your customers, but it also helps us find new qualified prospects. We can build robust look-a-like models based on your current customers. This can find you prospects that behave like your customer base. 

Prospects with similarities to your customers have a higher propensity to convert. Once we find these prospects in your market, we are proactive with our efforts. We nurture them with direct and digital marketing to convert them into a repeat sales and service customer.

Ross' team of experts also measures the results of each campaign to make sure we hit your goals. Our real-time reporting and detailed results will help us understand campaign performance. We also make shifts in the campaign according to the data when needed.

Need Help Targeting Customers?

Ross understands dealership data. We know how to market to current customers and prospects. With over 25 years of automotive marketing experience, we'll help you target the right customers and make the most impact with your marketing dollars. Set your marketing up for success, contact Ross today.

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