With an average ROI of over 450%, dealerships trust Ross Media for on-site hosted events.

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Get Results with Ross Media Hosted Events

Event Results - Toyota Atlanta, GA Units Sold: 49

Event Results - Toyota Raleigh, NC Units Sold: 51

Event Results - Ford Ft. Worth, TX Units Sold: 167

Event Results - Nissan Milwaukee, WI Units Sold: 53

Event Results - Dodge Las Vegas, NV Units Sold: 68

Honda Orlando, FL Units Sold: 43

Event Results - Subaru Denver, CO Units Sold: 31

Event Results - Kia Philadelphia, PA Units Sold: 39

Event Results - Nissan Houston, TX Units Sold: 70

CDJR Pittsburgh, PA Units Sold: 37

Event Results - Chevy Atlanta, GA Units Sold: 81

Lincoln Dallas, TX Units Sold: 19

Event Results - Honda Jacksonville, FL Units Sold: 36

Event Results - Infiniti Tampa, FL Units Sold: 34

Event Results - Hyundai Charlotte, NC Units Sold: 41

Our hosted events are designed to help you capitalize on every sales opportunity. With an average ROI over 450%, Ross Media events will help you achieve your sales quota with ease.