Geoframing: A Powerful Marketing Tool for Dealerships

Pick up your phone and open any application. When you do, you’ll likely see a small arrow flashing at the top of the screen. Do you know what it is? The arrow is an indicator, notifying you that the app is determining your approximate location using technology like WiFi and Bluetooth.

Location services improve the experience for users, helping companies create more relevant content and drive more accurate results when someone uses their phone’s GPS. But dealerships are also using location services to amplify their marketing and advertising.

Ross Media Installs Acxiom's InfoBase Consumer Database

Hillside, Illinois: As a leader in direct marketing for over 60 years, Ross Media understands the value of stable, secure data solutions that deliver consistent and predictable results. Our partnership with V12 Data, a leading marketing technology firm and data provider, has enabled us to grow our direct mail, email, and digital channel revenues and capabilities.

Personalization in Marketing, Part 2: Targeted Social Ads

Here’s how you can get your messages to customers' mobile phones, increasing the reach of your integrated marketing campaigns on increasingly popular platforms.

Convert Leads to Appointments with an Automotive Call Center

Expand Your Customer Service and Increase Sales

Car shopping has gotten easier for consumers over the years. Where in years past most sales started and ended on the dealership lot, they now begin on smartphones, tablets, and behind computer screens. According to research by Autotrader, car buyers spend more than half of their time researching online.