Direct Mail Design For Your Dealership

Even though digital marketing efforts are advancing all the time, direct mail still makes an impact. It’s estimated that nearly 90% of all direct mail is opened, whereas only 30% of emails are even looked at. Direct mail has never been dead, in fact, it’s still a wildly effective medium. The average ROI for direct mail is 29%, and its impact can be measured among younger generations, too. Direct mail response rates for individuals between the ages of 18-21 is about 12%. But how can you keep your direct mail fresh so you can reach people no matter where they are in the buying cycle?

Direct Mail and You

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) reports that most Americans are exposed to nearly 10,000 ads every day. With all that clutter, how can one distinguish the good from the bad? How can you be sure that your marketing captures your buyers’ attention? The solution is to understand how the brain processes and retains information.

Benefits of BDC

A Business Development Center or BDC has one main goal—to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of your dealership’s marketing efforts. A BDC is designed to transmit a sense of ease, comfort, trust, excitement or urgency and should validate the potential buyer’s choice to visit your dealership (Auto Dealer Today).

Creating an Outbound Marketing Strategy

What exactly is outbound marketing? Outbound marketing is when your campaign message is sent directly to potential buyers. Unlike inbound digital marketing where customers have to find you through internet searches, outbound marketing directly interacts with your targeted audience.

7 Benefits of Direct Mail

The digital space is more crowded than ever before, and reaching your prospective buyers amongst the clutter is becoming increasingly difficult. You might be surprised to know that the data shows direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to drive conversion.  Here are our top reasons why direct mail should be your go-to method for outbound marketing:

Don't Ignore the Content

According to the U.S. Postal Service, 153.9 billion direct mail pieces were processed and delivered in 2017. Direct mail continues to be a driving force for many dealerships’ marketing strategies. While the quantity of direct mail pieces continues to grow, all of that is irrelevant if the mail piece does not contain impactful content. Quality messaging is what engages, converts and retains customers. That’s why we have put together a simple guide on how to ensure your next direct mail campaign captures the attention of potential buyers.

Don't Lose Your Buyers' Attention

According to Small Business Trends, 82% of American consumers stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience. What constitutes a bad experience for a customer? Usually, it’s a lack of easily accessible information or consistent communication. Buying a car is an involved, often complicated process. In order to keep your potential buyers interested, you need to consistently touch base with them in a personalized, easy to digest manner.

Direct Mail Never Died. It’s Thriving.

That’s right. Direct mail is thriving. Many can argue that digital ads are slowly killing direct mail marketing efforts, but that is far from the truth. As we grow closer to a completely digital world, direct mail has made a name for itself and has proven to us that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. As a marketing company that was founded on and thrives on direct mail, we have done our research and are confident that direct mail is here to stay. Here are a few reasons why direct mail is thriving:

Let Data Drive Your Campaigns

Gone are the days of relying on instinct and guesswork of whom your next direct mail campaign should go to. The answer is simple­: start by looking at your data. With the help of your marketing company, your data should be processed and cleaned regularly, which will paint a picture of who your ideal buyer should be.

Why CTAs Matter

A call to action is an essential component of an successful marketing initiative. An effective CTA is concise yet compelling. An example of this is “Receive a $1,000 Bonus Voucher towards your trade-in! Offer ends Sunday! Act Now!” This CTA is attention-grabbing and concise. There are many reasons to use CTAs, but here are the most important ones: