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Mon, 2018-06-11 11:53 / By Alex

Summer is Here! Is Your Dealership Ready?

While summer is the season of spending time outdoors and enjoying the warm weather, it’s also the time of year to rev up your dealership’s marketing strategy.

Now is the time to reach your potential buyers with strategic marketing campaigns to get them into your showroom. With the help of your marketing agency, you can make sure your dealership is top-of-mind this summer.

Drive with Direct Mail

Direct mail is still your strongest tool in your dealership’s marketing arsenal. According to Cohber, 76% of Americans have been influenced to purchase by direct mail. In a prominently digital world, direct mail is thriving. Ross Media’s proven direct mail campaigns will deliver to your database’s best customers to boost your dealership’s summer sales events and drive results.

By adding additional marketing channels to your dealership’s direct mail campaign, you will increase your overall response rates. Marketing campaigns that used direct mail and 1 additional digital channel experienced 118% lift in response rates (Compu-Mail). Additionally, email blasts and Ringless Voicemail Drops are great digital tools to reach potential buyers who may be away from home. By layering marketing efforts, your campaign is always in your prospects’ hands.

Host an Event

With the warmer weather and longer days, potential buyers are more inclined to stop by your dealership and browse your inventory. Equip your staff with the tools they need to drive sales off your lot by accompanying your direct mail campaign with an Appointment Driven Event. Ross Media’s Appointment Driven Events bring fresh enthusiasm, knowledge, and training for your staff to set more appointments this summer and close more sales. Our seasoned professionals will not change your sales process, but they will work within your current process to enhance it.

Don’t be surprised if a surplus of potential buyers come into your dealership with your direct mail campaign in hand. Summer brings people out so it’s helpful to make sure your dealership is fully staffed to handle the appointments coming in. With an average of 33 cars sold in 3 days during Ross Media’s hosted events, your dealership can drive more sales off your lot with these marketing tactics.

To find out more on how your dealership can rev up its summer sales events, contact Alex Woodward today!