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Reverse IP Append: Speak Directly to Your Website Visitors

Turn your anonymous website visitors into leads

There are nearly 5 billion users on the Internet today, and some of them are probably scrolling through your website right now. You can track those visits with a tool like Google Analytics, but what if you could do more than log a number for your records?

With Reverse IP Append technology, you can automatically respond to unique visitors, sending direct mail to their physical address just days after they’ve hit your site.

Reverse IP Append 101

Page views and unique visits are valuable metrics when analyzing website traffic, but they don’t create enough actionable data to improve your marketing efforts. With today’s advancements in technology, including IP address targeting, you can do so much more — starting with personalized and geographically accurate direct mail drops.

Reverse IP Append enables you to take once-anonymous visitors’ IP addresses, plug them into a “reverse append” algorithm, and use the results to determine their physical home or business address. For consumers already interested in your dealership and pursuing your unique service or inventory, creating a one-to-one connection with direct mail can be the difference between a simple visit and a meaningful sale.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reverse IP Append

When an active buyer visits your website, they’re willingly providing personal, identifying data that you can then capture for your marketing needs. This technology does not use misleading cookie data and can convert 25% higher than standalone digital marketing.

Here’s how it works:

1. An active buyer browses your website for the desired product or service.

2. A tracking pixel added to your website captures their IP address.

3. Using the reverse append algorithm, we locate the potential buyer’s physical home address.

4. Within days, we send a targeted piece of direct mail to their address, as well as an optional display ad to their mobile device.

5. After delivery, we analyze the data and provide customized ROI results.

Connecting Digital and Direct Marketing

Last year, 69% of American adults said they’ve purchased products online. And quarter-over-quarter, from the end of 2017 to the end of 2018, e-commerce sales rose 13% in the United States. There’s a tremendous opportunity for dealerships to marketing their inventory and services online, and to do so in a way that works in tandem with their current strengths.

For many dealerships, direct mail has long been the answer in selling their inventory or services. Many rely on the classic spray-and-pray method of sending mailers to a wide prospect market, with the hope that something sticks or leads to a sale.

Pixels, which are nested within multiple pages on a dealership’s website, provide a window into prospective customers’ shopping habits and interests. When placed on a specific inventory or service page, dealerships can strategically and systematically use the collected information to send direct mail to a targeted audience already interested in their brand.

With data and the ability to hypertarget through Reverse IP Append, marketing to current and prospective buyers has never been smarter, easier, or more cost-effective.

Market to your website visitors with relevant, targeted messages. Learn more about Ross Media’s exclusive program to turn traffic into ROI for your business.