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Mon, 2018-06-25 09:59 / By Alex

Rev Up Your Service Department This Summer

The warmer weather is here and customers are traveling to enjoy the summer months with their friends and family. With the extra mileage comes an increase in needed service on their vehicles. According to AutoDealer Today, over 80 percent of customer sales start with a telephone call to the dealership and most of these calls go to the service department.

Is your service department receiving this amount of popularity? The team at Ross Media is equipped with the tools to get your service department’s marketing up and running.

Diagnose with Data

It’s important to keep an updated data list of aftermarket customers who have visited your service department. With the help of your marketing agency’s data capabilities, you can be sure your dealership is marketing to the right customers in your designated market area. By routinely cleaning your data lists, your dealership can have a better idea of which customers are regularly coming into your service department and which customers you haven’t seen in a while. These are the customers that could benefit from receiving a service mailer from your dealership in their mail and email box.

Reengage Old Appointments

With your data lists cleaned, your marketing agency will work with your dealership to create an omnichannel campaign designed to reengage your customers and bring them back to your dealership’s service department. Service campaigns drive your customer base back to your dealership and create more appointments for your service technicians. They also increase customer loyalty and the odds that these customers will buy their next car from you.

Ross Media’s service campaigns are not just for lost customers. We offer service mailers and emails that suite your dealership needs like: new car service, Certified Pre-Owned service, and service loyalty. Our service campaigns can also be paired with our BDC Services, so your incoming appointments are scheduled and your service technicians can focus on repairs versus managing the phones.  

To learn more on how Ross Media can rev up your service department’s appointment numbers, contact Alex Woodward today!