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Fri, 2018-04-20 10:17 / By Alex

It’s All About the Experience

Customer experience is the key to success in any industry. In fact, 82% of American consumers stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience (Small Business Trends). So how can customer experience affect your dealership?

In terms of customer experience in the automotive industry, buying a car can seem daunting to customers. A car is a big-ticket item and consumers will expect quality service when making such a big purchase. According to Cars.com, automotive shoppers are increasingly active when it comes to leaving online reviews and feedback about their experience. Your dealership can ensure positive reviews and feedback by analyzing your sales process and enhancing it with the help of your marketing agency.

Enhance with Appointment Driven Events

Ross Media’s Appointment Driven Events are designed to enhance your sales process, not change it. Our seasoned professionals bring a minimum seven years of dealership management experience to provide in-store training for your hosted sales events. Our event managers show your staff how it’s done—from managing the phone to customer communications and closing the sale.

Adding a hosted in-store event to your marketing arsenal will not only drive sales, but also boost your customers’ experience. With the extra training, your staff will be equipped with the skills they need to increase customer engagement and not lose your potential buyers’ attention.

Understand Your Customer

Actively engaging with your potential buyers and adding personalization to your marketing efforts can boost your buyers’ experience. Through your marketing agency’s data capabilities, your mailing lists will be up-to-date and cleaned to ensure that your potential buyers are reached through targeted direct mail campaigns. Based off of your dealership’s data, you can send direct mail campaigns tailored to your potential buyers’ needs, wants, or specific events.

Customer experience can make or break a potential sale for your dealership. By enhancing your sales process and actively engaging with the right prospects, you can ensure that your customers drive off your lot happy in their new car. To learn more about our Appointment Driven Events and our data capabilities, contact Alex Woodward today!