Thu, 2019-10-31 12:12 / By Anonymous

How Can Appointment-Driven Events Help Your Dealership?

Connecting leads with trained staff to drive your sales numbers.

Your dealership is a hub of daily activity. It’s where customers come to service their cars, where prospective buyers come to browse your inventory, and where you finalize sales on the showroom floor. While it’s not always the starting point for a sale, it is almost always the end point for your customers in their ownership journey.
If your goal is to sell more cars and drive sales, leading buyers to your dealership is likely at the top of your priorities. We’ve talked previously about converting leads to appointments with a call center and increasing your website’s traffic with strong SEO, but hosting appointment-driven events take your integrated marketing strategy one step further.
Here’s how appointment-driven events can help your dealership close more deals and reach your sales goals.

Connecting Your Dealership to Qualified Buyers

Your leads won’t walk through your dealership’s doors unless you reach them with the right message, at the right time. An integrated marketing approach — including direct mail, email marketing, and lead generation — will help you do just that, and the process begins with your data. 
With your data, you can find qualified, ready-to-buy customers for your event. You already know what your current customers look like; their ages, their incomes, their addresses, and more qualifying information. But this data can be used to find similar potential buyers in your local area, improving the chances that those who walk into your showroom are serious about driving away with a new vehicle from your lot.

Creating More Personalized Buying Experiences

According to research by Cox Auto, only 1 in 3 car buyers knows the exact vehicle they’d like to purchase. An appointment-driven event — the end result of smart prospecting and targeted direct marketing — helps to create a more personalized experience for those still undecided when they attend your event.
Before you even host a 3-day event, you’ve likely had conversations with your leads; about the types of cars they’re interested in and how much they’d like to spend. With this knowledge, you can prepare your inventory and your sales team with the tools to provide buyers a seamless purchasing experience.

Improving Your Selling Techniques

Your sales team has the information it needs to sell cars, but any additional support can help you eclipse your goals, especially as we near the end of the calendar year. With Ross Media’s appointment-driven events, you not only receive BDC Call Center Scheduling, custom mailers, lead management, and reporting services, but an in-store event management team with a minimum of 10 years auto sales experience.
They’ll join you each day of the event to support your sales efforts, and understand the marketing and sales situations that other event companies do not. Our team will deliver the training and tools your sales team needs to set and close appointments, leaving you with a motivated staff, increased gross profit, and satisfied customers for success beyond the initial event.
The holiday season is fast approaching. Soon, competing dealerships will begin advertising their best offers and promotions across a number of channels. It’s imperative you not only target the right interested customers, but do so in a way that entices them to visit your dealership first. 
As you prepare your teams to meet specific sales and service goals, consider the benefit of reaching new customers and providing them a seamless buying experience, all while sparking enthusiasm at your dealership and eclipsing your end-of-year milestones.