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Tue, 2018-04-10 09:33 / By Alex

Benefits of BDC

A Business Development Center or BDC has one main goal—to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of your dealership’s marketing efforts. A BDC is designed to transmit a sense of ease, comfort, trust, excitement or urgency and should validate the potential buyer’s choice to visit your dealership (Auto Dealer Today).

The majority of missed leads are due to a botched sales call or not following up with potential leads. In fact, 37 percent of all automotive leads are never responded to (DrivingSales). A missed lead is money that your dealership will never get back. With your marketing agency’s BDC capabilities, you are sure to never miss a lead from your next direct mail campaign.

BDC Services for Your Dealership

An Automotive Call Center is designed to arm your dealership with lead collection solutions. It is comprised of highly trained representatives that take inbound calls, respond to internet leads and set appointments exclusively for automotive dealers.

When looking into BDC services for your dealership, you want to look for a marketing agency that specializes in only automotive marketing. Having a BDC complete with representatives that only speak automotive can ensure that your campaign questions are answered with accuracy and efficiency. A BDC that is able to customize their responses based on your direct mail campaign helps the customer know they’ve called the right place.

Convert More Leads

BDCs handle the appointment setting for you so you can focus on preparing for your upcoming sales event and not be stuck answering the phone. Your marketing agency’s BDC will answer every incoming call and respond to any and all inquiries from potential buyers. With a BDC there’s no need to worry about after hour coverage, bilingual services or a botched sales call. By adding BDC services to your marketing arsenal, you can convert more leads into appointments and appointments into sales.

Ross Media’s BDC department is a team of highly trained and talented representatives who are ready to take your campaign calls. To learn more about how our BDC services can convert more leads for your dealership, contact Alex Woodward today!