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Automotive Marketing Trends Shaping Q4

Automotive Marketing Trends Shaping Q4

The automotive industry continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic. As technologies and business models are constantly evolving, the rising trends this summer will impact marketing plans moving forward. 

According to ZeroSum, used car prices decreased while new vehicle prices remain on the rise. To stay competitive, dealers will need to keep an eye on the rapidly evolving trends and adjust accordingly. 

Ross, an automotive expert, crafts custom marketing campaigns that are relevant to auto trends and customer needs. Keep reading to learn about the trends that emerged this summer that will impact your future planning.

Automation for Automotive Marketing

Automated marketing puts your Dealer Management System (DMS) data to work and makes direct marketing efforts easy. Ross has the ability to automate “triggers" based on DMS data. Targeted marketing can be delivered automatically based on the active buyer's actions or buying behaviors.

Automation allows for data-driven, relevant messaging to be sent to prospects and customers at the right time to improve response rates. By integrating this technology, custom marketing is sent out based on up-to-date data from your DMS, with no ongoing effort on your end.

Dealerships using automation can save time by taking the workload off staff so they can focus on selling more cars and providing better customer service.

Online Shopping Capabilities

In 2022, consumers expect to have an easy online shopping experience that is consistent across platforms. In an interview with ABC News, Alan Haig, an automotive retail consultant and president of Haig Partners, said that nearly 30% of U.S. new car sales in 2020 were completed online. Before the pandemic, less than 2% of vehicles were purchased digitally. The shift to online buying was accelerated by the pandemic, but this trend won’t be going anywhere. 

Consumer shopping behavior dramatically changed with the pandemic. Most services and products can now be purchased conveniently online. Not only are more products online to buy, but 65% of auto purchasers are expecting to have even more online shopping options permanently. In a survey conducted by Google, it was found that 18% of auto shoppers would buy a vehicle sooner if there was an online purchase option.

As a result of the demand for online shopping, dealerships need to consider their current online customer journey from research, negotiating, and buying. The online experience should be a “portal” to the showroom. One of which provides the shopper the same experience as if they were physically there.  

Stand Out Customer Service

What makes your dealership stand out from the rest? Without much price difference on vehicles or vehicle features, dealerships can differentiate themselves by providing an exceptional experience. Customer service while in the showroom, in an online chat, or over the phone all have a direct impact on whether a car buyer chooses to do business with your dealership.  

According to Autotrader, 54% of shoppers are willing to buy from a dealership that offered their preferred customer experience even if it did not have the lowest vehicle price. When outstanding customer service is provided, sales are likely to increase. Customers are more motivated to visit in person and come back to service their vehicles when the initial buying process is improved upon and there is a pleasant interaction.

Not only does good customer service increase the likelihood of satisfied customers buying from you again, but they will be more likely to leave a good review and refer your dealership to family and friends.  

Stay Ahead of Auto Trends with Ross

These marketing trends can shape the way your dealership performs in the remainder of 2022 and into the next year. Staying current on the trends will help you pivot where necessary to bring sales up, whether it be car sales or service sales. If you’re not sure where to start, Ross is here to help guide you to the right path. Talk to our automotive marketing experts today!

23 / 08 / 2022 Marketing, Automotive