Fri, 2017-11-17 08:51 / By Alex

Speaking Directly to Your Prospects

2018 is upon us and as we look at our marketing plans for the New Year, digital spend takes up more and more of the average dealership budget. And it should. There’s no denying paid search, buying third party leads, etc. should be the basis for your ad budget. But if you think about what most of automotive digital marketing is comprised of, it’s very passive. Using Google, AutoTrader,, and the rest are all putting yourself out there, just waiting for a customer to search for you, your vehicle, or your services.

To round out your marketing, you need to reach out. You need to speak directly: directly to your previous buyers, directly to high propensity prospects, and directly to service department customers.

Direct marketing is traditionally thought of as a letter in the mail but the post office is just one way to speak directly to prospects. Email, social news feed ads, ringless voicemail, and reverse IP append, as well as traditional mail are all ways to talk to a list of highly targeted potential customers. With the data available today both in your DMS system and from conquest sources, speaking directly to qualified prospects has never been more precise.

Google, Apple, and Amazon send millions upon millions of pieces of direct mail every year. Their budgets for direct marketing have increased every year since the recession ended. These digital giants see the value in speaking directly to their prospects. And as you make budget decisions for the New Year, perhaps you should too.

Avoid passive contact with your prospects. Reach out to Ross Media today to learn how to speak directly and win in your local market.