Wed, 2017-12-20 10:35 / By Alex

Let Data Drive Your Campaigns

Gone are the days of relying on instinct and guesswork of whom your next direct mail campaign should go to. The answer is simple­: start by looking at your data. With the help of your marketing company, your data should be processed and cleaned regularly, which will paint a picture of who your ideal buyer should be.

Your data can determine the proper demographic and purchasing history of your consumers.  If a consumer has an older vehicle with an expired warranty, your marketing company can add them to your mailing list for your next campaign. If a consumer recently moved across the country, they should be removed from your mailing list.  By having your data consistently updated and analyzed, your dealership’s database of loyal customers will be fine-tuned and get higher response rates.

Not only does data allow you to maintain an up-to-date mailing list, but it helps you tailor your messaging to your prospective buyers, which will generate higher open rates. According to Compu-Mail, adding your buyer’s name and info to your direct mail piece can increase response rates by 500%. By choosing a marketing company that has the capability to maintain your data and personalize each direct mail piece, your consumers are more likely to respond to your campaign over the competition.

Also, your marketing company should constantly monitor the data once the direct mail pieces have been sent out. These data points will tell you if your campaign was effective – or if it needs a different direction. Once your data has been analyzed, the results can be used to influence future direct mail campaigns.

Data is a big deal. Data can show you where your potential customers are at, what media platform your buyers prefer, and the type of messages that are more likely to resonate with your customers to drive sales to your dealership. The team at Ross Media has years of experience in optimizing the full potential of your dealership’s data and adapting marketing campaigns based on your results. For more information about our data capabilities, contact Alex Woodward today.